Projects of infrastructure and public utilities

Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados renders legal advice to private and public clients, domestic and foreign, in structuring, financing, executing and developing infrastructure projects in the mining, oil, gas, telecommunications, transport and operation (road, river/fluvial, port and airport) and public utilities sectors, both in the national territory as well as in countries of the Latin American region.

The firm also assists its clients in preparing documents related to APP/PPP contracts, procurement and construction (EPC) agreements, turnkey contracts, among others. It also offers advice in schemes of risk distribution and its corresponding mitigation, leverage, guarantees, coverage and closing risk agreements.

We advise in dealings of loans and financial closings, before capital markets, banks, export credit agencies (ECA), multilateral credit agencies and other financial institutions.

Our experience

Complementary comprehensive services

  • Commercial Law

    Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados renders legal advice in organizing, administering and managing companies and legal vehicles, for the development of businesses in Colombia. The firm helps and supports in preparing, dealing and resolving private agreements, including, but not limited to, technology transfer, joint venture, as well as any other type of agreement related to commercial activities and businesses of our clients.