Law suits and arbitration tribunals

Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados has broad experience in conflict resolution, tending as far as possible to avoid future lawsuits, or using alternative mechanisms which facilitate prompt and effective resolution of controversies.

The firm represents and comprehensively advices its clients in serving their suits in different instances, before the Judicial Administrative Jurisdiction, Civil Jurisdiction and it represents its clients in filing and serving constitutional actions.

The firm is also recognized for its broad experience in both national and international Arbitration Tribunals. The firm has acted in the capacity of party as well as arbitrator, in controversies related to private and state contracting, overall infrastructure, public utilities and fiduciary liability, among other subjects.

Our experience

Complementary comprehensive services

  • Commercial Law

    Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados renders legal advice in organizing, administering and managing companies and legal vehicles, for the development of businesses in Colombia. The firm helps and supports in preparing, dealing and resolving private agreements, including, but not limited to, technology transfer, joint venture, as well as any other type of agreement related to commercial activities and businesses of our clients.