Juridical advice in structuring projects for the National Planning Department – DNP (for its Spanish acronym).


Structuring of APP/PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects to build a public hospital and the development of 10 natural parks in Colombia.

Juridical consultants/advisers in structuring an APP/PPP project to build a public hospital. The firm offered advise in every topic related with the contracting process, the applicable juridical regime to rendering health services, and matters related to property, and financing of the project. We currently offer juridical advice in structuring an APP/PPP project for the development of ecotourism infrastructure required to operate 10 national natural parks and rendering ecotourism services. The firm advises KPMG in every matter related with the process of contracting, legislation and applicable regulations to protection of the environment and the tourist activity, as well as in property and financial matters of the project.